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Engagement Photo Session Guide

Updated: May 20, 2018

Hi ladies,

Today, I would like to share some of my tips on how to get ready for an engagement photo session.

1. Outfit

A lot of couples think that they should match their outfit during a photo session. Is it true? Yes, but there is a right way to do it. First, let's talk about colors. Wearing the same tons of colors is not an ideal strategy here, because it becomes the portrait’s focal point and it will be the first thing people notice when they look at your photo. When they should really be noticing you as a couple, the environment, the posing and so ever.

Like this photo for example, this was taken at my engagement photo shoot. The clothes are taking all the attention, because we were wearing not only the same colors, but the same type of clothe, style and fabric as well; therefore, it was too much of matching. That is something you should avoid. Sometimes not matching is a better strategy than matching everything.

Over time, I realized that contrasting is a better strategy than matching. Have you ever heard of this phrase?:

"The opposites attract themselves"

That is exactly what contrast does. You combine opposites to a perfect match. You can wear the same color but with different tons, contrasting the color. For example in this case below.

Damaris is wearing a bright blue dress and Alex is wearing a very light blue shirt. The contrast between dark versus light matches perfect here.

Another example, Angela is wearing a printed dress and Felippe is wearing a plain white shirt. You can also combine the colors by temperature, wearing only hot colors such as yellow, red, pink and orange or cold colors, like blue, green, purple. Or you can contrast them.

Another important tip is to dress up according to the location of the photo shoot. If you are taking pictures at the beach, I recommend wearing pastel or light colors and light fabrics. Emphasizing the idea of a peaceful place and note that shoes are not required. If you are taking pictures at a floret or a park with a lot of trees, I recommend wearing darker colors, or plaid clothes. Boots are a good idea too for an adventure look. If your photo shoot location is in the city, then I recommend more of a fashion and sophisticated look like long dresses and suits with hot, cold or bright colors.

2. Hair, Makeup and Nails

Girls, do not be afraid to get a little fancy. That is the perfect excuse to go to a salon and get yourself a little treat. Professionally done makeup, hair and nails make a huge difference in pictures. As a photographer, I highly recommend that. I always shoot from head to toe, especially on engagement sessions. When we take a lot of shots of the ring, your hand is also a very important part of it.

3. Details

Accessories are always welcome. Let's show off ladies. Bring that beautiful earnings or necklaces you got. That applies to your fiance as well, tell him to bring his favorite watch. This is your moment, do not get shy. Also, I encourage my clients to be creative and bring something with them to their photo shoot. A little bouquet, their initials, champagne or their dog can make your photo session a lot more special. You can check out some ideas on Pinterest.

Mark and Chelsea brought their initials to their session.

P.s. All these tips are beneficial for any type of photo session, for example, family or maternity portraits.

Those are my tips for today. I hope it was helpful to you.

Have a nice day,

Jessica Muniz.

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